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6 Things From Your Closet You Need To Get Rid of Today

6 Things From Your Closet You Need To Get Rid of Today

I know what you are thinking, why do you need to get rid of anything. And if you are anything like me, a hoarder, then you are thinking, "No Way".

Well, this could actually be just the thing you need. decluttering is a very good way to organise and arrange your personal space.

below are some of the things you should definitely consider getting rid of;


fashion advise

1. Clothes with stains, torns, tears in them

While you may have paid a small fortune for those jeans with all the tears in them, not all of our clothes are supposed to look like that.
How many shirts do you own that have small holes in them, or are stained, faded or torn in ways they aren’t meant to be? Get rid of them!

fashion advise, decluttering

2.If you have not worn it in the past year, get rid of it

Chances are, any item of clothing (or shoes) that you have Not deemed fit to wear in six months, you probably won’t wear again.Or you just don’t like it enough to wear it often. do yourself a Favour and remove it from your closet


3. If it doesnt fit anymore, let it go.

Now, im Sitting comfortably on this table😫😫

We love some outfits so much that we hold on to them even though they have become too small or too big.
We’ll say things like “I’ll lose weight soon” or I’ll grow into them. This is your sign to LET GO. Give it Out to someone who needs it.



4. It makes you uncomfortable

So, you know those kind of outfits that you just don’t connect with?
Ok! You shouldn’t have to put up with clothing that doesn’t feel right with you.
If you don’t want to give it out, you can sell it. Yup. I said it.
You can sell your used clothes as long as it’s well used.


5. Old clothing. Like reeeally old.

So you look in your closet and see some clothes that have been there since the beginning of time?
Now,I don’t mean those ones that have sentimental value like a wedding dress, a graduation outfit etc
I mean something you have had for a looong time for no particular reason. Time to say goodbye sis.

6.Outfits that have gone out of Style

I know I always preach about how style is personal thing and I stand by that. I do.
Now, that being said, no one wants to go out looking like they Time traveled from the past yea? Those outfits that you know havent trended for a long time now, let them go.



i advise having three bags.
One bag for clothing you are throwing away,
The second bag for the ones you are giving away,
A third bag for the ones you think are good enough to sell off.
Just remember, whatever you are not using, there's someone out there that needs it very much.


Finally, These are the questions you need to ask yourself when de cluttering

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I wear it?(have you worn it in the past year)
  3. Does it project the image I want? (Does it reflect your personality
  4. Does it itch or scratch? (is it comfortable)
  5. Does it pinch my toes? Are the heels too high to walk in?
  6. Is it moldy? Smelly? Stained? (tears, torns or stains?)
  7. Does it fit? (too big or too small?)


By Ibukun Ologbonde

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