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Knowing Fashion

Knowing Fashion

it is not about what you are wearing, but about how you wear it!

You could be carrying a million naira hand bag with absolute uncharismatic bearing. This, I believe, is an injustice to the bag. Yet you could wear grass and shrubs and still manage to invoke envy from others. It all boils down to carriage. Whatever you are putting on, make sure you become a part of it; you are one with the outfit and launch yourself into the world with head held high.

Now, whether you are being fashionable or stylish, one thing is important, Know what fits you, and wear it.

This is a cardinal rule that must NOT be broken. Yet it is one rule that is most regularly broken even by the so called accomplished fashion divas.

It doesn’t matter how much you made the hair or how much you bought the shoes, if it does not fit you, then, you will just end up looking like trash.
For the ladies, wear clothes that will flatter your figure and not abuse it, make hair that will compliment your facial structure and use make-up that agrees with your bone structure. If you’ve got long hair, flaunt it, shapely legs; show it, so long as it does not exceed the limits of decency.

The bottom line is to bring out your own style whilst be classy and different not cheap and odd.

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